Monday, November 18, 2019

Business continuity and crisis management Essay - 2

Business continuity and crisis management - Essay Example BCM plays an important role in every organization that uses it. One major aim of having a BCM program on any business to is to give it the capacity to have a quick and effective response to global crises such as cyber attacks mostly through data breaches, natural disasters and ensure the business interests of the organization are protected. (Blyth, M. 2009). What this means is that BCM is not only about crisis management, but it also includes disaster and business recovery, incident and emergency management. The ISO 22301, which is a system of business continuity management, places emphasis on a few areas that are crucial in BCM.First, it suggests that there is a great need to have an understanding of the needs of continuity and preparedness. Moreover, there is need to understand why it is necessary to establish a BCM policy and objectives in an organization. It adds that the effectiveness of the entire process relies heavily on this understanding. Secondly, there is need for an orga nization to implement and operate controls that can manage its overall continuity risks. It therefore, suggests that it would be meaningless to have a BCM policy when the organization is not ready to implement it. (Bajgoric, N. (n.d.). Thirdly, the organization should constantly review and monitor the effectiveness of the BCM program to ensure it is working according to its goals. Finally, the regular assessment of BCM will lead to objective measurements that are important in continual improvement.

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